Valerie Copeland

Licensed Professional Counselor

Valerie has experience working with adolescents, disabled veterans, homeless individuals and families, developmentally disabled adults, individuals, couples, teens, children and families of trauma.  She has provided treatment in group home settings, office and home based settings, and homeless shelters.  She is a certified Trauma Specialist and has received training with gambling addictions, Transactional Analysis Re-decision therapy and is a certified Sexual Offender Treatment and Assessment provider.  Valerie also has expertise with grief and loss, and family counseling.  Valerie utilizes a number of evidenced-based practices and when appropriate, looks to help individuals resolve pain from childhood trauma.  She works to create positive change as it relates to negative scripts, sexual trauma, cutting, emotional/physical abuse and neglect.  Valerie has garnered experience helping individuals resolve hopelessness, anger, fear, and anxiety.  

She works with individuals helping them improve parent-child relational issues, bullying, depression, loss and low self-esteem.  Valerie’s work is interactive and collaborative.  She works with individuals through persistent negative patterns and beliefs to achieve understanding and positive change.  As a fun note, Valerie appeared on both Fatal Attraction and Snapped 2016.